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Additional Services

We are keen to serve you green and want to make sustainable solar energy available to every citizen.

To support and accelerate this, we also provide additional services to set up renewable energy solutions.

Project ManagementEngineering and Design Consultancy Financial Assistance Services

a. Planning: We expertise in creating and maintaining a plan that is required to execute for generating solar power efficiently.

b. Procurement: we provide advanced information for engagement with potential suppliers for renewable solutions.

c. Scheduling: We forecast and schedule solar models in such a way that clients are protected from uncertain whether fluctuations.

a. Basic and Detailed Engineering for Renewable Power Projects: We design plants that are detailed yet modern. After investigating and surveying the site, we help customers in obtaining the statuary approvals and regulatory clearances that are mandatory.

b. Layout Optimization: Optimizing layout helps to improve output and gives better efficiency of the solar power plants.

c. Shading Analysis: One of the most important phases of solar system analysis and design, we study the probable shading caused by objects and take necessary steps to nullify or decrease its influence.

a. Proposing and Tendering: Proposals and Tenders for Installation of solar energy services.

b. Performance and Evaluation: Renewable energy plays a vital role in defining reliability and sustainability. A subsequent analysis is conducted according to structure, consumption, and cost.

c. Optimization: All solar systems capture a good amount of light to generate energy but using them effectively is essential. We provide Optimization solutions that are not just effective but extremely beneficial.

d. Liasioning with Govt. Agencies: We provide liasioning and consultancy services for various government and local body approvals.

We help our customers for liasioning with Banks, Financial institutions or Investors for the arrangement of funds for their renewable energy projects.